Transcription and Translation Services

Though transcription may come across as a relatively simple task, it can actually prove quite to the contrary. This counts double when looking to have an audio file both transcribed and translated into a foreign language. The reason being that when a text is presented in the form of a document, it is technically impossible to overlook or miss out a single word it contains. It is all there right in front of you, making the translation process at least very slightly easier.

By contrast, spoken text presented by way of an audio file opens up the potential for misheard, misunderstood and indeed missed-out words of importance. Along with altering the meaning of the text, this has the potential to lead to serious discrepancies with the target text. Suffice to say therefore, ensuring that both jobs are carried out by the professionals cannot be overstated in its importance.

It’s important to remember that while a great many freelancers these days offer transcription services, this doesn’t mean they have any experience in professional transcription. For a business-level transcription to be carried out successfully, the individual taking on the job must have both outstanding typing skills and well-honed listening skill. These must be combined with outstanding knowledge of the language of the audio file, along with any technical, legal or other specific language of importance used throughout.

When sourcing business translation services where audio transcriptions are required, it is crucial to bear in mind that in accordance with the transcriber, results may vary significantly. If you simply cannot afford to take chances, it is in your best interests to hire an experience, reputable professional for the job. Even if it means involving multiple service providers, the risks associated with low-quality transcription and translations services are too great.

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