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7 Reasons Why You Need an Expert for Your Certified Lithuanian Translation

The great thing about the global market is that one can choose among a great number of service providers. But it can also be a downside.

How to choose the right translator for the certified Lithuanian translation? Does the language specialist need to have some sort of extra certification? How to ensure the quality of the translation?

Today we’re answering all the questions about certified Lithuanian translation.

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Lithuanian Certified Translation: Skills

Knowing two languages doesn’t make someone a translator by default.

Besides mastering their mother tongue, the translator should be a skilled researcher and understand the differences between the two cultures.

To make it easier for you to find the right fit, we wrote down seven qualities you should look for when needing a certified Lithuanian translation.

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#1 Lithuanian Native Translators

Many translators work in several language pairs. While they may know a lot about the grammar and vocabulary of all their languages, the highest quality translations are produced by native translators.

Why is that?

The main goal of a translation is to convey the message from the source text. With no misunderstanding. It should be clear and understandable to the reader.

That accuracy and comprehension are best carried out by the person who is surrounded by the target culture and has a deep understanding of it - a native translator.

That way, you’ll ensure the seamless written flow and truthfulness of your certified Lithuanian translation.

#2 ISO 17100

In the translation world, ISO 17100 certification plays an important role.

It’s a formal proof that the company has the resources, equipment, processes, and other aspects needed to deliver a high-quality translation that meets the client’s expectations.

Minimal qualifications for the translators, proof-readers and editors, quality assurance and the quality of the translation process are just some of the required forms.

SemioticTransfer AG has been working by the ISO 17100 standards for years. Year after year, we’re improving the quality of our services and educating our teammates to always keep up with the industry’s standards.

Check with your translator of choice if they work the certified Lithuanian translation by ISO 17100. That will get you the ease of mind when it comes to the quality of translation.

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#3 Expert Reviewers

A vital part of the translation process is reviewing.

The reviewing process purifies the text and makes it easy to read.

The first step while reviewing is accuracy check and comparison with the original document.

The certified Lithuanian translation must be faithful to the original due to its legal power. That’s why the editor needs to check the terminology and blueprint.

One more task of the reviewer is to refine the wording if needed.

Experience is essential in this process. That’s why SemioticTransfer AG works only with proven, qualified reviewers and proof-readers whose expertise can truly make a difference.

#4 Over 10 Years of Certified Lithuanian Translation Expertise

We talked about experience and knowledge many times before. For a reason.

Certified translations are widely used in legal processes, medical and educational fields. To get the certified Lithuanian translation done properly, you’ll need a translator who knows the language, culture, legal framework, and subject area.

Thanks to our associates, you can find it all in one place – SemioticTransfer AG.

Translation expertise matters and a good translator will get you one step closer to your goal.

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#5 Simplicity and Agility

If all of this seems complicated to you, don’t worry. After you send us the original document, we’ll take care of the rest.

Our proven methods and well-coordinated team use techniques and technology that ensures high-quality and fast turnaround time.

Keeping up with legislation and changes across different systems, which is crucial for the certified Lithuanian translation, enables us to do the translation according to the relevant legal groundwork.

#6 Swiss Quality Translation Service

Some of the things Switzerland is most famous for are quality and reliability. Those characteristics are the way many Swiss businesses are run.

That’s how we thrive.

From life and culture to products and services, quality is what drives the Swiss people. That also translates to the translation services.

Your translator isn’t just someone who will rewrite the text in another language. It’s someone who should be your partner and understand your needs.

Certified Lithuanian translation is no different. Swiss quality translation services contribute to your objectives and make your life easier.

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#7 Free, Quick and Easy Quote

SemioticTransfer AG’s quotation process is very simple. All you need to do is send us an inquiry with your document(s) attached and inform us about the language pair. Everything else is on us.

You don’t need to be in the same city as we are. Not even a country or a continent. Everything can be done online with our guidance.

We’ll review the document and send you an unbinding quote. No charge. Of course, if you have any additional questions, we’re at your service.
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Every certified translation needs an expert. Native translators, knowledge and experience are just some of the reasons why you should find a professional for your certified Lithuanian translation.

Starting from the translation to the reviewing and editing, SemioticTransfer AG guarantees Swiss quality and customer support.

If you have any questions we can help you with, be sure to contact us. Drop us an email at or call us via phone. + 41 56 470 40 40 is the number awaiting your call.

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