Shumë faleminderit!

Kërkesa juaj është dërguar dhe ne do t'ju kontaktojmë sa më shpejt të jetë e mundur.

A Few Things Your Probably Didn’t Know About the German Language

Should you require a certified translation service for any given reason, it always helps to know a thing or two about the target language. Not that you have to be an expert of course, but just as long as you at least modestly understand the nation in question, certified document translation becomes a much less […]

Certified Translations for Weddings

If you’re planning to get married in a foreign country, chances are it hasn’t escaped your attention how many additional complications there are to address. Along with a wide variety of cultural differences and language barriers that may stand to convolute thing, there’s also the not-so insignificant matter of making the marriage official and legal. […]